Almond milk

  • Ground almonds
  • Water, stock, wine, or other liquid
  • Rice flour or corn flour
  • salt

4 oz. almonds, 1 T rice flour, and 1 1/4 C liquid are good proportions.

Pulverise almonds in a blender (not a food processor) or in a coffee or nut mill. Put them in a bowl and pour on enough boiling liquid to make a smooth cream. Leave to stand for 10-15 min., then rub the mixture through a metal sieve.

If this is not smooth enough, cream a little rice flour with it and heat until it thickens slightly. Add any extra liquid, and a scrap of salt.

Credits: Medieval Cookbook


Almond Milk

Grind blanched almonds to a very fine powder in a coffee grinder or food processor. Store in refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container. To make almost milk, mix 1/4 C ground almonds with 1 C water or broth. Mix well, or put in blender. If desired, cook over low heat. Mix well before using.

Credits: Tournaments Illuminated.